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Premier Polysteel
Premier Polysteel
Premier Polysteel
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Outdoor Furniture built to last a lifetime in any climate. Now with a 15 year warranty!

Premier Polysteel, a division of ADA Enterprises, Inc., is a family owned and operated commercial outdoor furniture manufacturing business located in Northwood, Iowa. We have been in the plastisol (PVC) coated steel business since 1975. All our products are 100% plastisol coated metal. We are so certain that you will have years of maintenance free and useful product life that we have given our products the best warranty in the industry . Premier Polysteel standard products are warranted for fifteen years from date of purchase!

Premier Polysteel uses plastisol that is compliant with worldwide regulations. UV stability and mold resistance are important components of our plastisol. All Premier Polysteel products are completely plastisol coated to protect against the elements. This includes the legs! The legs are built with sturdy tubing. Add to this a thick 1/8+ inch coating of plastisol and the result is a product unequaled in strength and durability. The environmental elements are sealed out, and you will enjoy a product that will look great for years.

The process in manufacturing our commercial quality Premier Polysteel Outdoor Furniture assures the customer that the products will be strong and durable even in the most demanding environments. First the metal is thoroughly cleaned before coating to guarantee the strongest bond between the PVC coating and the metal substrate. The metal is then thoroughly coated with a primer specifically formulated for PVC coatings. The primer is baked on at high temperatures, preparing a surface that is perfect for accepting the PVC coating. The metal is then fully immersed into liquefied PVC. Finally, the coated part is then oven cured for an extended time at high temperatures. Our oven cured surface is smoother and more resistant to bacterial and fungal growth than other products not cured in ovens. Uniform curing creates stronger adhesion to the metal for a tougher surface with greater wear resistance. In addition, there are no openings to allow accessibility to bees and other insects. Plastisol will not perpetuate flame like some thermoplastic coatings. A variety of styles, sizes, colors, and mounts are offered. Only tamper resistant stainless steel hardware is used. Premier Polysteel plastic coated Outdoor Furniture is built to last!

The Premier Polysteel distributor in Mexico is:
Habitat Garden
Av. Lopez Mateos Sur 6400
Col. Francisco Sarabia
Zapopan, Jalisco  cp45235
tels. (33) 3684.5081 / (33) 1201.9395
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