Our Top Priorities

Top Quality Outdoor Furniture

qualityPremier Polysteel recognizes the importance of the best quality outdoor furniture. Quality, safety, and customer satisfaction are #1! We put emphasis on the importance of careful, safe design. This is why we use only the best materials available. Our Champion Kids tables are made with the same high standards found in all our products. We are committed to customer satisfaction, therefore Premier Polysteel products are built to last a lifetime. Because we are so sure you will enjoy our products for years to come, we now offer a 20 Year Best-in-Industry Warranty!

Built Tough

qualityCustomers often ask, “How sturdy is your outdoor furniture?“ So we took a picture of our entire office staff standing on our 4′ Champion Square table. We thought this was a great way to show the strength of our products…but our Operations Manager came up with an even better idea! Why not put a car on it? He was so confident in the strength of our product that he offered to put HIS car on it! We are happy to report that the car and the table were not harmed during our experiment! This sturdiness is a big part of why we can offer such a great warranty!
quality outdoor furniture

A Cut Above

All Premier Polysteel steel products are 100% plastisol (PVC) coated – including the bench and picnic table legs! Powder coated frames tend to scratch, chip, and then rust easily after short exposure to the elements which weakens the product and can stain the concrete or stone that it sits on.  Premier Polysteel picnic table and bench legs are built with sturdy tubing, then we add a thick 1/8+ inch coating of UV and fungicide protected plastisol.  The result is a frame that is unequaled in strength and durability.  In addition, there are no openings to allow accessibility to bees or other insects.

Premier Polysteel is committed to being an environmentally conscious company and recognizes the importance of being committed to continually finding ways to support our environment.  The plastisol we use is compliant with worldwide standards.  Premier Polysteel is a division of ADA Enterprises, Inc. and has been in the plastic coated steel business since 1974.

20 Year Best-in-Industry Warranty!

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